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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor takes place 5 years after the events of Jedi: Fallen Order, and during that time, the main characters we know have been busy. Of course, in any new adventure, new characters, new allies, and new enemies make their way into the story. This guide will introduce you to the main and supporting characters of Jedi: Survivor.

Main Characters

The main characters of Jedi: Survivor are familiar faces, but there are new allies and new enemies:

  • Cal Kestis
  • Bode Akuna
  • Merrin
  • Dagan Gera


Additional Characters

The following are characters you will encounter throughout your journey.

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BD-1Greez DritusSantari KhriCere Junda
Senator Daho SejanBravoGabsThe Twins
Doma DendraMonkTurgleMosey
Zygg SozaMoranZeeRayvis
Eno CordovaSkoova StevTrilla SuduriDarth Vader
Caij VandaToaTulaktDana
GrockHarrPili WaldeAshe Javi
DD-ECSoont MadasGulu and GidoBhima and Tulli
Kata AkunaLank DenvikSaw GerreraThe Ninth Sister
T-1NBJaro Tapal


Voice ActorBen Burtt

After working together for years, BD-1 and Cal's bond has only grown. Equipped with an assortment of exploration tools - and an unshakeable loyalty to Cal - BD is the Jedi's closest friend.

BD-1 is also curious to a fault and fearless. Beedee will scan anything that moves, even if his target could eat him.

Cal first encountered BD-1 while exploring the mysterious world of Bogano. He quickly grew attached to Cal, and after learning that Cal is a Jedi, he revealed encrypted memory logs of his owner, Jedi Master Eno Cordova, kickstarting their quest for the Jedi Holocron. Cordova had BD-1's memory logs frozen to protect secrets about the Bogano vault.

Greez Dritus


Voice ActorDaniel Roebuck

The former captain of the Stinger Mantis, Greez Dritus is the proprietor of Pyloon's Saloon, a sleepy cantina located in the outpost at Rambler's Reach on Koboh.

He worked for Cere Junda and holds her in high esteem despite his otherwise curmudgeonly nature, and reluctantly accepted Cal's friendship after saving the young Jedi on Bracca.

Unknown to his co-pilots, Greez held a dangerous secret: a large gambling debt to the Haxion Brood. While tracking Greez, the Brood's ruthless bounty hunters discovered he was travelling with a Jedi, a much more valuable prize. They captured Cal and BD-1 for payback against Greez's debt. He and Cere rescue Cal, defeating the Brood and forcing Greez to come to terms with his addiction.

Over their adventure, Greez warms to his friends, revealing his affection for food and his great-grandmother, Pyloon. His piloting skills are put to the test, forcing Greez to become the hero he never thought he could be.

Santari Khri

Voice ActorTracy Ifeachor

Santari Khri is an ancient Jedi Master from the time of the High Republic. In a Force vision, Cal witnesses Khri attempting to pull Dagan back from a dark path. After Dagan violently lunges for the compass, Khri severs his arm and calls a droid to prepare a bacta tank.

Cere Junda

Voice ActorDebra Wilson


Cere Junda is a former veteran Jedi who survived Order 66. Her Master was Eno Cordova, a loner who studied lost cultures and often challenged the wisdom of the Jedi Council. While the two remained in contact throughout her years as a Jedi Knight, they were never very close.

During the Jedi Purge, Cese was captured and tortured by the Empire, and forced to betray her Padawan, Trilla. The Empire then captured Trilla and turned her into an Inquisitor. Cere, devastated, used the Dark Side of the Force in order to escape. Fearful she will slip back to the dark, Cere vowed never to use the Force again.

After years in seclusion, she teamed up with starship captain Greez Dritus on a secret mission to rebuild the Jedi Order. After saving Cal from the Imperial Inquisitorious, she begins to mentor him. Cal helps Cere come to terms with her violent past and let go. Armed with Trilla's lightsaber, she uses it to knight Cal. Together as Jedi, they ventured to the evil depths of the Fortress Inquisitorious to retrieve the holocron and complete their quest.

Now, five years later, Cere is surrounded by her loyal Anchorites and intends on rebuilding the Jedi Archive. Cere understands the roots of Cal's relentless fight against the Empire, but she has chosen a different path - to preserve the Order's teaching as well as safeguarding the next generation of Force-sensitive through the Hidden Path.

Senator Daho Sejan

Voice ActorTJ Ramini

With one foot in the Coruscant underworld, Utapau senator Daho Sejan is a political actor who seeks favor with the Emperor by any means necessary. Rumors persist of ruthless "negotiations" about Senator Sejan's Sienar Ramsidian class yacht.


Voice ActorRussell Richardson

The pilot of Cal's crew, Bravo is a veteran soldier who fought alongside Saw Gerrera. Cal and Bravo have run many successful missions together in their struggle against the Empire.



Voice ActorBritt Baron

A syndicate-trained slicer, Gabs doesn't mind enriching herself while taking on the Empire. Confident and gutsy, Gabs takes every opportunity to demonstrate her superiority over Imperial slicers.

The Twins

Voice Actor-

The Klatooinian twins Koob and Lizz would do anything for their friend Cal. Their loyalty is only matched by their insatiable hunger, which often gets them into trouble.

Doma Dendra

Voice ActorRebecca Wiscosky

The unofficial mayor of Koboh, Doma has seen the outpost's ups and downs over the decades. Of all her many tasks, the most difficult is keeping Turgle alive.



Voice Actor Chris Diamantopoulos

Monk is the droid bartender at Pyloon's Saloon and Greez's business partner. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of libations, he keeps tabs on troublemakers.


Voice ActorRichard Steven Horvitz

A schemer by nature, Turgle is always getting himself into trouble with the Bedlam Raiders. After Cal saves his life, Turgle feels indebted to the Jedi.

Mosey Cimarron

Voice ActorEizabeth Frances

Mosey runs the outpost's stables and is a trained tracker and hunter. She is the first to welcome Cal to Rambler's Reach, and warns the Jedi about the Bedlam Raiders.


Zygg Soza

Voice ActorFryda Wolff

Zygg is a mechanic and gearhead who has lived in small frontier communities her entire life. She has a heart of gold and is always helping folks in need without an eye towards personal gain.


Voice ActorJ. Michael Tatum

A washed-up trader whose best days are behind him, Moran whiles away his hours in a saloon, bemoaning the Empire that destroyed his livelihood.


Voice ActorKendal Rae

Zee is a droid from the High Republic era, tasked by Jedi Master Santari Khri to recover the key to Tanalorr. She immediately takes to Cal, although she questions his unconventional attire. Zee volunteers to help the Mantis crew as they prepare to enter the Koboh Abyss. In doing so, she completes the two-hundred-year-old task given to her by Master Khri.



Voice ActorDC Douglas

The Gen'Dai Rayvis is the leader of the Bedlam Raiders. For centuries, Rayvis has owed Dagan an oath of service. Once the compass is in Dagan's possession, Rayvis will consider this oath fulfilled. Yet the Gen'Dai warrior confesses that there is little honor to be won in the galaxy these days.

Eno Cordova

Voice ActorTony Amendola

Jedi Master Eno Cordova is the former Jedi Master of Cere Junda, and was a scholar and explorer revered for his knowledge of ancient civilizations. While studying Bogano he discovered the Zeffo, a race made almost entirely of Force-sensitives, however the Jedi Council was disinterested as it did not relate directly to the Jedi. After visiting the tombs of their Sages on Zeffo and Dathomir, Cordova found an Astrium at the top of the Origin Tree on the Wookiee homeworld, Kashyyyk.

Using the Astrium, Cordova was able to enter a Vault on Bogano, where he had a vision of the fall of the Jedi and a galactic spread of the Dark Side. However the Jedi Council did not believe him, so Cordova went to his old friend, Chief Librarian Jocasta Nu. Together they made a secret copy of her list of known Force-sensitive children onto a Holocron, and Cordova hit it within the Bogano Vault.

In his final message, Master Cordova revealed a close connection to BD-1, his faithful companion droid. On their many adventures, they shared a close trust as BD-1 recorded Cordova's journey and vital knowledge. When they parted ways, BD-1 agreed to have his memory banks encrypted with this information, beginning his important mission should Cordova's visions come true, and saying goodbye to one another.

By the time of Jedi: Survivor, Cordova has decided to return to his former apprentice's side, determined to aid her however he can. At the Anchorite hideout in Jedha, Cordova proves an astute researcher and helps the group unravel the mystery of Tanalorr and the pathway through the Koboh Abyss.


Skoova Stev

Voice ActorJB Blanc

A master fisherman obsessed with his craft, Skoovas Stev is a fount of wisdom, knowledge, and encouragement - as long as the topic is fishing.

Trilla Suduri

Voice ActorElizabeth Grullon

Trilla was once Cere's Padawan, but as now known as the Second Sister of the Imperial Inquisitorious. Her transformation occurred after Cere was tortured by the Empire and was forced to give up Trilla's location to them. Years later, Trilla later arrives on Bracca to hunt Cal Kestis and sad*stically toyed with her prey: she ruthlessly kills his friend, Prauf, before striking. In the attack, Cal is forced to flee and barely escapes.

Trilla hunted Cal across the galaxy and nearly obtains the Holocron inside the Vault on Bogano, which contained data on Force Sensitives throughout the galaxy. During this encounter, an unlucky maneuver from Cal places the saber in his hands, where he witnesses a Force Echo of her tragic past. The revelation leaves Cal momentarily paralyxed, allowing her to steal the Holocron.

A confrontation with Trilla at the Fortress Inquisitorius was cut short when Darth Vader appeared.

Darth Vader

Voice ActorScott Lawrence


The Emperor's right hand, and mechanical lord of the Sith. Darth Vader strikes at Cere and Jedha in an act of vengeance, with the intent of destroying both the Jedi Master and her hard-built archive.

Caij Vanda

Voice ActorVerona Blue

After seeing Cal dispatch with a Haxion Brood bounty hunter sent by Sorc Tormo, Caij serves as Cal's handler as he takes on targets seeing the Jedi Knight.


Voice Actor-

Highly educated, Toa<meta />'s archaeological interest brought her to Koboh. Though an academic by training, she is eager to get her hands dirty while exploring High Republic ruins.


Voice Actor-


The fortune-Teller Tulakt arrives at the cantina following an attack on her home planet. Like most things about Tulakt, what she seeks on Koboh is a mystery.,


Voice Actor-

A savvy grifter, Dana is always looking to strike it big on the frontier with her partner, Grock.


Voice Actor-

Grock is a tradesman and mechanic who partners with Dana to seek the treasures of Koboh.


Voice Actor-


The primary source of gossip and rumors in the local saloon, Harr has lived in the community for a long time and knows a little about everyone.

Pili Walde

Voice Actor-

A talented botanist and plant geneticist whose talent catapulted her to the forefront of her field at a young age, Pili fled to the frontier where she could continue her work in peace. When recruited, Pili will help maintain the Rooftop Garden at Pyloon's Saloon.

Ashe Javi

Voice ActorAndi Rene Christensen

A DJ who's played some of the biggest venues on Coruscant, Ashe has chosen Koboh for a much-needed break and to sample the unique sounds of the backwater planet.


Voice Actor-


Ashe's collaborator, DD-EC fills the cantina with the best music the galaxy has to offer.

Soont Madas

Voice Actor-

A local prospector and technologist who has become an increasingly hostile and self-isolated obsessive.

Gulu and Gido

Voice ActorTommie Earl Jenkins (Gulu)

Gulu - a cantankerous old-timer - and his lifelong partner Gido - a cantankerous old-timer - spend all day, every day, lounging around in front of the local saloon. They roast, joke about and tease everyone and everything that dares cross into their field of view.

Bhima and Tulli

Voice Actor-


Tulli runs her own holotactics game with the help of her diminutive employee Bhima, who possesses an outsized personality and gift for gab.

Kata Akuna

Voice ActorTajinae Turner

Kata Akuna was born on Birren in the aftermath of Order 66. After the Inquisitors killed her mother, she and her father fled. On Nova Garon, she spent significant time alone, as her father did whatever was asked of him by Commander Denvik, in order to keep her safe.

Lank Denvik

Voice ActorGideon Emery

A commander and chief supervisor in the Imperial Security Bureau, Lank Denvik worked with Bode Akuna during the Clone Wars for the Republic. Denvik is responsible for sending Bode on a mission to locate Cere Junda.

Saw Gerrera

Voice ActorForest Whitaker


Infamous Onderonian insurgent, Saw Gerrera was leading a group of opposition fighters against the Empire on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk when Cal Kestis met him. Harboring dark vengeance over the death of his sister during the Clone Wars, he lives by a blurred moral line, considering collateral damage to be a necessary evil.

He comes to respect Cal as a strong potential ally and useful tool in his endless war. By the time of Jedi Survivor, Saw works with Cal to run operations against the Empire. Gerrera charges Cal and his crew with obtaining military intel from the yacht of Senator Daho Sejan.

The Ninth Sister

Voice ActorMisty Lee

Masana Tide, known as the sardonic Ninth Sister of the Inquisitorius, craved revenge after being defeated by Cal years before.

She joined the Second Sister, Trilla, in hunting Cal Kestis on Bracca. A powerful Dowutin, the Ninth Sister's presence creates terror wherever she goes - a fact she relishes. She faced Cal in the peaks of the Oriin Tree on Kashyyyk. There she reveals her gruesome history as a former Jedi tortured and mutilated into the brutal Inquisitor she has become. After an intense battle, Cal defeats her.


Voice Actor-

T-1N8, more affectionately known simply as 'Tina', was once the protocol droid to a family who toiled in the caverns beneath Prospector's Folly. After their untimely demise, Tina was abandoned and trapped beneath their now-devastated home until a rogue Jedi Knight stumbled upon her and, in so doing, delivered her freedom at long last.


Jaro Tapal

Voice ActorTravis Willingham

Jedi Master Jaro Tapal was a General during the Clone Wars who mentored his Padawan, Cal Kestis, with a firm and disciplined doctrine. An imposing Lasat, Jaro Tapal served the Republic with distinction during the Clone Wars.

During Order 66, Tapal was mortally wounded but managed to get Cal to safety. In Tapal's last moment, he passed his lightsaber to Cal. The memory of his deceased Master haunted the former Padawan for years after. Today, Jaro Tapal's wisdom remains with Cal, helping to guide him as he confronts new challenges.

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