Anagram Solver – Unscramble Letters and find all possible words (2024)

Our Anagram Solver Tool finds the best possible words for your favorite word games. Unscramble words, find anagrams and unscramble letters with Anagram Solver.

How to use Anagram Solver

Anagram Solver is really easy to use, simply enter up to 12 letters, click the Solve button and the results will be produced. Use a question mark ? for blanks or wildcards.

This Anagram Word Finder can be used for many online puzzle games. Whether you like Scrabble, Words with Friends, Wordscapes, Word Cookies, Scrabble Go or Wordfeud.

We have Word Lists for every letter of the alphabet, from Words with Letter A to Words with Letter Z. There are also lists for Consonant Words and Vowel Words. You can improve your game if your learn all the Two Letter Words too.

Anagram Solver is great for these other games too, 4 Pics 1 Word, Word Crossy, Letter Soup, Word Wiz, Text Twist, Draw With Friends and Wordscapes.

Make Words From Letters

Our tool can also be used as an anagram creator, so you can make your own anagrams and get your friends to solve them! Our Anagram Finder uses all your letters to create a selection of pre-existing words and other terms from the dictionary that can be used to score the most points possible in a range of word games.

So, just tell us the letters you want use and our Anagram Solver will generate multiple terms that fit from our database. Unlike some anagram generators, we provide definitions for every one of the terms we provide, so you can find the right one from just a single collection of letters.

Anagram Solver will unscramble letters and help you win every game.

What is an anagram?

An anagram is a word game that involves scrambling the letters of a word or a selection of random letter combinations to make new words.

An example of an anagram would be 'rose', which can be turned into the word 'sore' if you rearrange the letters. An anagram is simply a word that has been scrambled in to another word.

Anagrams are commonly used in online and offline games to challenge players and help them to have fun and learn new words.

Depending on the type of games you play, you might have to make single word anagrams or multiple word anagrams. You might have to use all your letters, or just make all the possible words with a selection of words. Our Anagram Solver accepts up to 12 letters and wildcards.

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Why play anagram word games?

Anagram word games come with a wide range of benefits. Some of these include:

Discover words you've never heard of

Playing anagrams and games involving words can be a great way to learn how many words you know, and to find out new terms that you can use in everyday life. If you use an Anagram Solver tool like ours, then you can solve multiple words and find terms you didn't know existed.

Improve your knowledge of the English language

It's not just your vocabulary that'll get a boost when you play anagrams; you'll also learn more about the language itself. If you use a word anagram aid like ours, then you can also find the definition for words you've not heard of and how they can be used. You'll gradually become more eloquent if you play an anagram or any other word game regularly.

Anagrams are easy to play anywhere

When you think of word games, you probably think of board games that take up a lot of space and time. Thankfully, there are now many other options out there, including online apps and multiplayer games. Whether you love Scrabble or Words With Friends or another game, there are many games involving anagrams out there for you to choose from.

Anagrams are suitable for players of all ages and abilities

Whether you're young and new to playing word anagram games or you're an avid player who wants to up your anagram game, you can find a way to make anagrams fun. If you want to start playing a new word game, then tools like ours can be a great solution to get you used to playing and quickly improve your scores. Also, using tools like our Anagram Solver can help you to boost your skills and find dozens of words from just a single collection of letters.

The history of anagrams

Anagrams go far back in time, with many believing that they originated in ancient Greece. They were popular throughout the Middle Ages, particularly among poets, philosophers and theorists, who found them to innovative ways to challenge their readers.

Anagrams through the ages

Using an anagram was often considered witty in the early modern period, particularly if you wrote it in Latin.

Anagrams are also frequently used in popular culture to this very day, with many crime fiction writers using missing word puzzles as clues to mysteries. Many writers use anagrams to create their pseudonyms by scrambling the letters in their original names.

Modern uses

Today these fun word jumbles remain a great source of amusem*nt for many, and are often used in games and cryptic crosswords.

More on our Anagram Solver

It's easy to use our Anagram Solver tool. Just enter the letters you want to explore, and the word unscrambler will do the rest.

Our word finder will show you the longest word possible from your selection of letters, as well as a range of pre-existing words that could win you the most points in a range of games.

Our massive database of words means that we can provide you with whatever term your strategy demands, so that you improve your chances of winning your word game of choice.

You can choose words that use all the letters on your game board, or solve anagrams that use only particular letters from a set, so you can make the most lucrative moves possible with our tool.

Word definitions

If you click on the terms the anagram finder has bought up, you can get a definition of them, which can help you to learn new terms and improve your understanding of English.

Our final tips are that you need to put in all the relevant letters to make the most of our tool, and that you shouldn't necessarily look for the longest word. Some shorter terms can get you more points if you play them right on the board, or if the letters are worth more points. So, make sure you think strategically to work out the best way to make the most of your letters and become the game winner.


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Anagram Solver – Unscramble Letters and find all possible words (2024)


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