Anagram Solver: Scrabble, WWF & Crosswords (2024)

Anagram Solver is a powerful online tool that helps players rearrange letters and generate new word patterns. Simply input the letters, and Anagram Solver can help you better your skills in Scrabble, Words With Friends, or any other word game. Length and difficulty are not a problem, Anagram Solver can provide all available word choices.

Anagrams: Examples & Definitions

Anagrams are everywhere, perhaps you have heard of them? Maybe you know what an anagram is, but you just can't explain it. On the other hand, you might be an anagram master, and you've been using them for years whilst playing your favorite board games and crossword puzzles. Whether you're a novice or an expert, this is your guide to anagrams.

What Is An Anagram?

An anagram is a phrase or word that when its letters are rearranged, another phrase or word is created. For example, the word LISTEN can be arranged differently to form the word SILENT, and remember, one of the anagram rules is that all the letters of the original phrase or word must be used to create the new one!

Where Are Anagrams Used?

Since the time of the Ancient Greeks, through the middle ages, and up to the modern world of the 21st century, anagrams have been used for code, pseudonyms, crossword puzzles, and most commonly fun! Online and offline games have been utilizing them for years, and that's when Word Finder can be a great tool in getting you ahead of everyone else!

20 Examples Of Anagrams:

Whether you are a novice or a veteran to the world of vowel jumps, consonant crossing, or syllable sliding, here are a few more anagram challenge examples:

  • TAR = RAT
  • ARC = CAR

Anagram Solver: Scrabble, WWF & Crosswords

So, how does creating an anagram within your anagram puzzle game actually help you? Simple, it forces you to rearrange the letter combinations you're using and creates new avenues for thought in your head. You start to imagine different scenarios and combinations, and with the right anagram, you'll find the most lucrative moves.

Anagram Solver: 3 Steps

Some are naturals when it comes to rearranging and creating new anagrams, and there are those that could do with a handy tool to help with their jumble of letters; an anagram generator is a perfect solution to that.

Step 1: Recognize some commonly used prefixes and suffixes

Some common prefixes: AB, AD, DIS, DE, EX, RE, SUB, UN

Some common suffixes: ED, ER, ING, ISM, LY, MENT, NESS, TION

Step 2: Pick them out

Step 3:Change the order of the letters to create new words

An example of this is the word PAINTER. By moving the suffix to the beginning, so that it becomes a prefix, it becomes the word REPAINT. The letters could also be rearranged to make the word PERTAIN.

Anagram Maker: Scrabble

When staring at a game board with multiple choices to make, sometimes the longest word is not the most lucrative. As seasoned scrabble players will know, the first few moves of a game are the most crucial. However, being stuck late in the game is also a major issue. That's where anagram generators come in. An anagram generator, like ours, uses its massive database to give you solutions with two to six or more letters and checked in the scrabble dictionary. Using our online tool will help any scrabble player hit those wildcard scores and steal the game, not to mention the best scrabble players will use an anagram tool to make games quicker and more exciting.

Anagram Finder: Words With Friends

Just like our Anagram Maker, Anagram Finder can be an equally invaluable tool when playing other online puzzle games like Words With Friends. Faced with a string of characters and over 171,000 words in the English language, some players may feel the need to cheat just to keep up with the competition. With newer players, the daunting task of trying to accumulate the most points, whilst also playing with pace and assurance can be a real challenge, especially in a well established online community.

Anagram Finder looks to reduce that anxiety, and help players new and old, engage with the game, solve multiple words and never be stuck for words to play. Remember, getting new arrangements of words forces your mind to explore new possibilities. This is where having a word anagram aid can be indispensable.

Word Game Player Tips: How To Solve Anagrams

Here are a few final tips about the wonderful world of anagram challenges and word problems. We hope you can pull some useful information from our article, and perhaps create a little cheat sheet to get you ahead of the competition!

Word Unscrambler

Word Unscrambler, word game players are able to search for anagrams by entering the random letters and wildcards or blank tiles they have. You can use the basic anagram finder search bar or go a little further with its advanced filter to discover words that start or end with particular letters or letter sets.

Here are some examples:

Let's consider the original term LISTEN. It contains the letters E, I, L, N, T, S. When the tiles are entered in the Word Unscrambler, it quickly finds two long-awaited gems - SILENT and ENLIST.

Similarly, SAVE, composed of the letters A, E, S, and V, reveals the word VASE in the Word Unscrambler.

Phrase Unscrambler

Phrases can be a little more tricky to compute in our brains sometimes, we often find it difficult to extract a single word from two or three, and vice versa. That’s why Phrase Unscrambler can be the best weapon in your arsenal, by taking the hard work out of anagram decoding.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

The phrase DIRTY ROOM contains the letters ─ D, I, M, O, O, R, R, T, Y. Putting that single collection into the anagram decoder reveals the word DORMITORY.

By entering MOON STARTER which has these letters ─ A, E, M, N, O, O, R, R, S, T the Phrase Unscrambler finds the word ASTRONOMER.

Anagram word solver and all the tools we mentioned can not only make you a better word game player, but they can also help you have the maximum amount of fun and get the most enjoyment from every game. Now get out there and become an anagram creator!

Anagram Solver: Scrabble, WWF & Crosswords (2024)


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